Aug 03 2023

Suncadia Spotlight: Kimi Fry/ Chris Boznak

With 200 days of annual sunshine, four distinct seasons, and unlimited outdoor recreation, Suncadia was a natural fit for Kimi Fry. She realized that one winter morning when she came to visit a friend who was a member. They went cross country skiing and spent a couple of idyllic days in the Cascade Mountains, taking in everything this resort community had to offer. She was so impressed, in fact, she went back home to Renton Washington and told her partner, Chris Boznak (originally from Seattle), that this is where she wanted to live and work. Read about their story below.

Q & A with Kimi & Chris

 Q. So Kimi, Suncadia made a quite an impression on that first visit I take it?

A. “Oh yes. I had never heard of Suncadia until a friend of mine invited me to come for a visit. I immediately fell in love with this community and realized that this is where I wanted to live and work. I went back home and told Chris about it I was so excited.”

Q. So Chris, what was your take on Suncadia when you came back with Kimi?

A. “I was blown away by the natural beauty and couldn’t believe how close it was to Seattle. We came during my birthday weekend, stayed at The Lodge, and I played golf on The Prospector Course. I was pretty much hooked after that.”

Q. So Kimi, you moved up here in late 2021, right?

A. “That’s right, I had been looking for a home in the area and found one in Cle Elum, just a short drive from Suncadia. We were both excited because Chris could work up here remotely, as well. Everything just fell into place for us. So now that I’m at Suncadia, I can honestly say I have the best ‘office’ in the world, with nature all around.”

Q. Chris it sounds like you were equally thrilled to be up here?

A. “Definitely. The fact that it was so close to Seattle and had great internet made it a no brainer.  When Kimi moved up here, I started coming up every Thursday because it was so convenient. It has everything we want without the crowds and traffic down in Seattle.”

Q. Kimi what is about this place that makes it so special?

A. “It’s the total package. There’s stuff to do all year round, and not just in Suncadia. Outside the gates there are great small towns and opportunities for skiing and outdoor adventure all around. And of course, the amenities here are incredible. The dining, the golf…Chris is a big golfer and loves both of these courses. And the social aspect is great. This is a true community. The neighbors are so friendly, we have friends over a lot—we even started a Bunco group that meets once a month.”

Q. Chris, I take it golf is your favorite amenity here, what else do you like about Suncadia?

A. “Like you said, both golf courses are incredible: Rope Rider and Prospector. They are the kind of courses you can play each day and not get sick of them. But there is so much more to Suncadia. There’s hiking and swimming and tons of outdoor activities. The dining is really good too, we love Stovehouse and Portals, in particular.”

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