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Suncadia is a way of life for families. It embodies the term: living well. Our experienced team of professionals understands that—and they know what makes this resort community so special. In fact, many of them live here. They play here. They know firsthand the type of elevated lifestyle Suncadia has to offer families of all ages and interests. This makes them ideally suited to hear your story, listen to your goals, and introduce you to the type of living experience that your family craves.



There is no one better suited to help you buy or sell a Suncadia home than our on-property experts. More than 85% of all Suncadia real estate transactions occur with SRESC. That’s because our real estate sales team serves Suncadia exclusively—both buyers and sellers. They focus on selling only properties within our community.

We’re here seven days a week for our Suncadia clients, providing local and regional real estate market trend updates. Our in-house marketing team is available to support you in marketing your property when the time is right. And because we develop strong relationships with builders and architects, we can help you choose the best contractor to build your vacation home at Suncadia. Quite simply, we are Suncadia experts because we are Suncadia.

Life here before suncadia

This area has always held a special affection for native cultures and early settlers. Before construction of the Inn in 2003, we would have to go back 11,000 years to the last ice age to understand the natural forces that left an indelible imprint on Kittitas County and the community that is now Suncadia. This is a magical land, filled with natural wonders and dramatic contrasts. Massive glaciers carved soaring peaks and sprawling valleys. The upper Kittitas region has been the setting for one of America’s longest stories of intertwining lives: the native Yakama, the prospectors who came to pan for gold, the miners who came to dig the coal for the Great Northern Railroad, the pioneers from every corner of the globe, and devoted cattle ranchers, farmers, and centuries of settlers looking for a better life.

The town of Cle Elum (population 1,800, give or take) lies two miles east of Suncadia. In the Native American Yakama language, Cle Elum means “swift water.” This was the traditional hunting and fishing grounds of the native inhabitants for centuries. As pioneers began to cross and settle the Mountain West, coal was discovered here. From the late 1800’s through the closing of the historic Roslyn No. 9 mine in 1963, life here revolved around the coal mines.

At Suncadia, we treasure and honor all those who came before and strive to preserve the history of all those who graced this extraordinary land.

Suncadia Development History


The Nelson Swimming Pool at Nelson Farm


Nelson Farm Pavilion


New Features & Amenities to the Golf House in the Tumble Creek neighborhood


Sasse Mountain Outpost, a “glamping” site for Tumble Creek Club members overlooking the Cle Elum River


Entry monument signage to Nelson Preserve and the Nelson Creek Conservancy lands.


The Fish Shed, Picnic Shelter

Summer 2013

1,000 Steps, Lodge to River Hike

Summer 2012

Rope Rider Golf Park opens

Summer 2011

Rope Rider Golf Course & Swiftwater Cellars Winery open

Summer 2008

Glade Spring Spa is completed

Spring 2008

The Lodge at Suncadia is completed

Winter 2008

The Village Pavilion & Ice Skating Rinkis completed

Winter 2008

The Swim & Fitness Center is completed


Prospector Golf Course is completed, as are Suncadia’s first homes


The Inn at Suncadia is completed


Suncadia resort core construction began with The Inn at Suncadia


In order to appreciate the elevated living experience that awaits your family at Suncadia, you must see it with your own eyes and live like a homeowner for a couple of days.

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