a group of people riding horses through a forest.
Oct 09 2020

Suncadia Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

Suncadia from a new perspective

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of Suncadia—well, they’re worthy of epic tales. What else would you expect from a place that’s the epitome of modern mountain living, where home is not a place, but a feeling?

Recently, we decided it was time to author these epics, which is why we partnered with Reese Films and photographer Michael Flugstad to capture all the reasons, big and small, that made life in Suncadia better than anywhere else. For starters, we brainstormed about all the things that made our mountain resort community unique, like hiking and biking trails, four seasons of family fun, rafting and fishing, golf and wine tasting, dog parks and playgrounds—needless to say, the more we talked, the longer the list got.

But the real surprise was when we began the process of filming and capturing these moments; although we have been part of the community for years, it was almost as though we were rediscovering all of Suncadia’s treasures almost as though for the first time. Blue skies, inviting waters and lush green landscapes all punctuated by the warm smiles of our friendly neighbors—for a moment we almost forgot that we were at work and not just enjoying a day out with friends!

Of course, the task of capturing candid moments that describe the delightful and diverse experiences in the community is not an easy one—depending on weather and availability, shooting will continue across different locations for a while. If you happen to see Dan Redwine, the marketing manager for Suncadia Real Estate with the crew from Reese films, make sure to stop by and say hello; who knows, you might end up being cast in the next Suncadia commercial!

If you haven’t already, check out @suncadia, @reesefilms and @michaelflugstad on Instagram and Facebook, where you can sneak a peek at Suncadia’s new Stories, and enjoy little hints and fun anecdotes from the wild world of video production and photography. 

We hope these stories and the way we tell them inspire you to do more of what you love with who you love—in Suncadia, our four-season slice of paradise set on the sunny side of the cascades.