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Suncadia Hosts Real Estate Expo


Suncadia is a place to be with your family and friends—for generations to get together at a table, by a pool, around a campfire. As time becomes harder to come by for everyone, Suncadia is the perfect spot to slow down, to forget about phones and instead get up close and personal, spending time together in a home you cherish, in a place you love

But before you can ‘gather round and enjoy each other’s company, you must first build and design your home just the way you want it. And we’re here to help you do just that at our 4th annual Real Estate Expo. During the event, which takes place April 7 from 11am to 3pm, you have the opportunity to meet with Suncadia’s featured architects, builders and lenders to discuss options and ideas. Representatives from the Homeowners Association and Design Review department will also be in attendance and invite you to ask whatever questions you might have about building your dream home in Suncadia.

But the Expo is not just about building and landscaping your dream home. Those looking for design ideas can shop from the furniture and design store and even talk to Radio Shack staff to discuss your tech needs. Membership and Property Management representatives will also be there and ready to provide information about becoming a member and participating in the rental program.

If all that planning, designing and decorating sounds too stressful, don’t worry. On hand during the event will be representatives from our Spa with an area devoted to health and wellness, with products for sale, and perhaps even chair massages on offer. And, of course, there will be tasty bites to sample and a cash bar featuring local brewer DruBru. Proceeds from beer sales will go directly to Habitat for Humanity.

The Expo is a great opportunity to get questions answered, to do a bit of shopping, and a lot of brainstorming with experts who’ll help turn your ideas of a dream home into a reality.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lodge for the Real Estate Expo on April 7!


In order to appreciate the elevated living experience that awaits your family at Suncadia, you must see it with your own eyes and live like a homeowner for a couple of days.

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