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Jun 27 2019

Spotlight on Suncadia’s Food & Beverage Director, Mary Nearn

Spotlight on Suncadia’s Food & Beverage Director, Mary Nearn

At Suncadia, you step out of urban life and into something that’s all too rare: a place where you know your neighbors instead of just passing them on the way to work. And as visits become longer and more frequent, you get to know the people who help shape Suncadia into a community you hold close to your heart. You’re on a first-name basis with the yoga instructor, the one who has helped you with that difficult pose you’ve been attempting for years. You know the Fifty-6 Degrees Lounge barman who makes your cocktail just the way you like it, and the concierge who always recommends exactly the kind of activity your kids will love.

In this column, we celebrate the Suncadia staff who play a role in the way residents and guests enjoy their time here. Some might be familiar faces or names, and others will be new to you. This week we welcome Mary Nearn, Food & Beverage Director.


I was born in State College, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Washington State and have lived and worked throughout the United States. Before landing here, I was working in Woodstock, Vermont at the Woodstock Inn and Resort as the Food & Beverage Director.I really wanted to return to the Pacific Northwest and so I pursued the position at Suncadia Resort. This is my first time living on this side of the mountains and already see that it’s an amazing environment!


I wanted to be many different things. I started working in hospitality in order to work my way through college. I really enjoyed the field and its opportunities to travel, to interact with different people, plus I truly enjoy hospitality and the role it plays in so many people’s lives.


I am the Food & Beverage Director for Suncadia Resort, and the Stovehouse is one of my responsibilities. I oversee everything that has to do with dining, drinking and catering. Suncadia has many different venues and a great path for the future within our department.My approach for creating a menu or elevating the culinary and beverage offerings at Suncadia revolves around respecting the season and the area around the resort.  Elevating the offerings means listening to our audience and their needs, staying consistent with our products, and delivering experiences that go beyond expectations.  These are things that take daily diligence on our part. I am fortunate to have Chef David Morris, Suncadia’s Executive Chef, for the creative drive in our kitchens, and we have many talented mixologists on property who create cocktails for us.


I’m very excited about the latest addition to the dining scene at Suncadia. The Stovehouse concept was created by Matt Stuhl from our Corporate office, and it opened Memorial Day weekend. Featuring elemental, casual cuisine, the Stovehouse is designed to be a casual, “hey let’s go get something to eat” kind of restaurant for guests, home owners and members. The highlight of the menu is our evening Smokehouse menu, which features brisket, pork, salmon and sausage.


I grew up skiing in the Cascades, and still enjoy it. I also play a little golf and love to spend time with my dogs on the many trails through Suncadia.

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