the entrance to the suncadia resort and spa.
Mar 05 2019

Spotlight on Suncadia Featured Builder: Northwest Roots Construction

At Suncadia, we know how important it is for members of our community to find a home they will love for years to come, one that fits their lifestyle and that they are happy to come home to weekend after weekend. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best home builders and architects in Washington. Meet Dave Gintz of Northwest Roots Construction.

Who We Are

My partner Bobby Graham and I have many years of experience in the construction and home building business. While I drive the acquisition and finance side of things, Bobby brings a lot of industry expertise in project management. In July 2018 we partnered to launch Northwest Roots Construction and have since built 28 homes in Suncadia and are working on another development in the community, and are still finalizing the name of it.

Designing for Suncadia

We really go for that lodge mountain flair to our developments but we also make sure the design is current, particularly with the color schemes and finishes. I call the look mountain modern but my wife says it’s more rustic industrial. That sounds cooler!

Many buyers want that rustic feel to their homes and that means hardwood floors, earthy color palettes and lots of beams. They really gravitate towards that cabin in the woods feel and the fact that there are so many of those in Suncadia is cool.

While other builders go for a contemporary mountain home look, which includes features like shed roofs, we have preferred to maintain more of a traditional architecture style—meaning steep pitches on the roof, heavy timbers, and beam work. We also try to provide a lot of outdoor living spaces. The 300+ days of sun annually is what attracts a lot of people to Suncadia so creating homes that take advantage of natural light and offer inviting outdoor living spaces is key.

Custom Work

Because we often end up having buyers in the course of construction, we do a lot of custom work. In fact, 26 of the 28 homes we built featured a lot of custom finishes. We love working with clients to create a home they will love for years to come. And we are very excited to be part of Suncadia and plan to be a featured builder for the next 20 years. There’s a lot of development going on in the community and we are grateful to be part of it.

Under Development

Our niche is identifying opportunities and filling a need and what we see that being in Suncadia is that lower price point home. Currently, we are building 24 townhomes that feel luxurious but are affordable. The project is phased, we have currently broken ground on four units and will be bringing an additional 14 units under development in the spring. The remaining six will come online in the summer.

What’s exciting about the townhomes is not only the location right across the street from Talisman Village but also the views. The development shares a property line with the Swim & Fitness Center and everything else is walking distance—from the spa to the winery and lodge. The townhomes are south facing, which means lots of light, and also great views of a lake. The best part is that the homes start at $400,000. That’s a very attractive price in Suncadia!

Interested in learning more about Northwest Roots Construction and their developments? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000 for a home tour and to #findyourspotinthesun.