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Spotlight on Suncadia Featured Builder: Bauer Custom Homes


Everyone dreams of a little place to get away; some long for a cozy cabin in the woods, others for a modern mountain dwelling—but every single one of us wishes for this place to be unique. At Suncadia, we engage with partners who share our vision for the community and help our residents design and build homes that embody their desires. Meet Drew Bauer from Bauer Custom Homes and get a glimpse into his world. 

Tell us about the company, and when you knew your calling was to build custom homes.

I’m not sure if I had a moment when I consciously knew my calling was to build Custom Homes—maybe it’s in my DNA. I know I love building and creating, and I literally grew up working on my father’s job sites. I was taught at an early age to keep a site clean and orderly, I learned about proper applications of details and systems as I grew older. Bauer Custom Homes was a family venture; something my father and I began specifically to design homes in Suncadia because we love the area and proximity to Seattle.

What do you think makes the Suncadia Community special?

It’s hard to explain, but so simple to understand when you experience Suncadia—the feeling of being in the heart of nature, breathing in fresh mountain air, looking at beautiful homes, a range of activities and amenities, and of course, the proximity to Seattle. For various reasons, today it would be hard to create a community like this and it is destined to be unique as time goes by. That is the unique thing we have here at Suncadia, the environment is preserved, and I just feel relaxed and part of the environment when I’m here.

What is your vision for the Suncadia community homes you build? How do they differ from the other homes dotting the landscape?

Our vision is to create an enjoyable place for our clients to spend time in. We believe in focusing on comfort, style, nature, and of late, have been looking at integration of technology to monitor and manage these homes, whether occupied or vacant. Our end goal is to not just create comfortable spaces, but warm, welcoming and smart homes.


Even though all the homes are personalized, what is the common thread that is consistent throughout all Bauer Custom Homes?

From the aesthetic view, we have become very good at selecting materials and finishes that work well together; we pay close attention to the fits and finishes that show quality, but beyond that, we like to ensure we are creating durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting systems in the home. We work with our trade contractors to design well balanced heating and air systems within our homes to ensure comfort—we have been on the leading edge of building energy efficient homes for almost two decades.


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