a 3d rendering of a house with a large driveway.
Jan 16 2019

Spotlight on Suncadia Featured Builder: Gravitate Design & Build

Building a custom-designed home probably ranks high on every homeowner’s dream list. At Suncadia, we know how important it is for members of our community to build a home they will love for years to come, one that fits their lifestyle and that they are happy to come home to weekend after weekend. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best home builders and architects in Washington. Meet Matt Rudolph of Gravitate Design & Build.

Who We Are

We specialize in designing and building high end custom homes and have been involved in the construction industry since the ‘90s. Usually I gravitate towards simple and modern designs however we have done quite a few Craftsman-style homes for clients. At the end of the day, we are here to design and build extraordinary homes that our customers will cherish for years to come and that comes in whatever style our clients choose for themselves.

Designing for Suncadia

Landscape and weather come into play in design right out of the gate.  I like to blend a house into the site as much as I can and think a home that captures the views and brings the outdoors inside works well in Suncadia. With so much natural beauty and awesome scenery, having lots of glass and outdoor areas to enjoy nature are key. As is having large overhangs to keep the snow as far away from the house as possible. The large overhangs also provide a shady reprieve in the summer and minimize solar gain, therefore keeping your house cooler.

Understanding the Client

When working with clients on a custom home I always ask how they live. Are they active? Do they entertain at home? Do they have kids? Understanding how a client lives helps me layout the general massing of the home.

Inevitably my clients always have pages and pages of design inspiration from which to better understand what they like and the kinds of design they’re attracted to. If they don’t have anything pinned or pulled from magazines in our first meeting, I encourage them to start!

Listen Up

Being a good listener is paramount for any type of success. When building relationships, listening is what trust is built on. When I work with clients on a home, I really want to make sure we hit the mark. We show our customers all of our pricing, our margins and our overhead as part of the process at cost arrival.

My Dream Home

If I were to build a dream home in Suncadia, it would be perched on a ridge facing south/southwest. My house would (will) be one modern rambler—think glass from floor to ceiling and walls of windows that open up to the views.

Interested in learning more about custom designing your home or viewing a home designed by Gravitate Design & Build, LLC? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000.