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Spotlight on Suncadia Builder: Rick Jones & Associates


Building a custom-designed home probably ranks high on every homeowner’s dream list. At Suncadia, we know how important it is for members of our community to build a home they will love for years to come, one that fits their lifestyle and that they are happy to come home to weekend after weekend. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best home builders and architects in Washington.

Meet Rick Jones, an architect who has focused on designing residential architecture since launching his practice in 1987. For Rick, designing a home goes beyond structure, building codes and budget; it’s about listening to the client and working to create a home designed with a custom look and fit. “I want my client to be happy beyond expectations,” says Rick.

At his firm, Rick Jones & Associates, Rick and his team approach the design of a new home by ensuring that it is integrated into the landscape, that it fits the setting and takes full advantage of orientation and views. No stranger to Suncadia, Rick has designed homes in the community for many years. In fact, he designed the second home to ever be built in Suncadia back in 2004.

“The homes that I design in Suncadia are unique because of the setting, climate, lifestyles, and the design guidelines,” he says. “That second home was well received and looks as good today in its setting as it did when it was first built,” he says proudly. Ask how many Suncadia homes he has worked on and he thinks for a minute before saying, “I’ve lost count but it is well over 70 homes.”

Rick, who also designed the Miner’s Camp neighborhood, says he has seen many changes as the development of Suncadia has progressed. “But the design guidelines have remained true to the original vision for a mountain home community.” He should know. Rick has been involved in the evolution of the design guidelines and thus has insider knowledge on how to design within those guidelines to ensure a quick approval from the Design Review Committee.

Well composed and aesthetically pleasing, Rick Jones & Associates homes are as comfortable on the inside as they are pleasing to the eye on the outside. “I incorporate solid timbers into my designs both on the exterior and interior of the homes,” he says. “The look is the expression of a cascade mountain home because the timbers are visually strong as well as structurally strong, which is required to withstand the heavy snow loads in the area.” Natural light is very important as well and a great deal of thought is given to ceiling heights and the placement and number of windows to bring natural light into the interiors.

When designing the floorplans, Rick and his team think about the flow of the circulation in the home. “I explain the circulation as being like a stream and the rooms like eddies off of the stream. This is important because the plan should flow with the way that you live and entertain in the home,” he says. Outdoor living is equally important to the Suncadia lifestyle and he designs so that the circulation from inside to outside is fluid and natural. His homes often feature outdoor spaces with fireplaces, BBQ, outdoor kitchen, firepit, and hot tub or swimming pool.

Working with clients to design their dream home is something that Rick and his team take seriously. “Our goal is to apply this experience and passion for design to create a cost effective, satisfying experience for every client,” he says.

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