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Nov 08 2017

Phase 1 Home Sales Continue at Resort Neighborhood – The Seattle Times NW Showcase

After selling its first seven homes at Miner’s Camp, Suncadia Real Estate will release the next five homes in the neighborhood’s first phase this month.

By guest author, Suncadia Real Estate

CLE ELUM — After selling its first seven homes at Miner’s Camp, Suncadia Real Estate will release the next five homes in the neighborhood’s first phase this month.

“The location of this neighborhood, along with the design and quality of these homes, has made Miner’s Camp so successful,” says Jeff Gay, listing agent for Miner’s Camp. “We are seeing families jump at the chance to purchase a home here.”

Gay says Suncadia, located 80 miles from Seattle, is the city’s backyard escape.

“From sea level to mountainside, it’s a journey from grey city to blue sky, from tight timelines to an open window of possibilities,” he says. “Becoming an owner at Suncadia makes every weekend, or any time, a vacation — no plane ticket or plans required. Owning at Suncadia gives your family a unique legacy — a getaway and a homecoming, all at once.”


Suncadia Real Estate is an expert in all available inventory — from homesites to new construction to upcoming neighborhood releases, according to Richard Seay, vice president and director of sales and marketing for Suncadia.

“What makes us unique is that our team is committed to exclusively serving Suncadia buyers and sellers,” he says. He adds that Suncadia Real Estate is the only on-property real estate brokerage.

“We represent the most listings, the most buyers, and are the market experts for anyone looking to buy or sell in Suncadia,” says Seay.

So far this year, Suncadia Real Estate has generated more than $80 million, a 24 percent increase in transactions over the same time last year. “We have always been considered the developer’s sales team, but we handle more than triple the resales as we do developer-owned properties,” says Seay.

“The Suncadia team is focused on providing both the seller and the buyer with the best real estate experience possible,” he says. “Then we put the deal together that is best for all parties involved.”

Visitors to Suncadia can explore the community’s neighborhoods, tour homes, and enjoy lunch at the lodge or a glass of wine at Swiftwater Cellars, the on-site winery.

“If you’re thinking of visiting Suncadia, fall is a fantastic time,” Seay says. “The sun is still shining, but the air is crisp and the colors are fantastic. Though it’s so conveniently close to Seattle, you’ll be amazed at how far away you feel — and how revitalized you’ll be.”


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