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Aug 07 2018

Meet Tina Hansberry, Director of People Services

At Suncadia, you step out of urban life and into something that’s all too rare: a place where you know your neighbors instead of just passing them on the way to work. And as visits become longer and more frequent, you get to know the people who help shape Suncadia into a community you hold close to your heart. This column celebrates the Suncadia staff who play a role in the way residents and guests enjoy their time here. Some might be familiar faces or names, and others will be new to you. This week, we chat with Tina Hansberry, Director of People Services.

Where are you from originally and how did you end up at Suncadia?
I have lived in Washington all my life. Born and raised in Kirkland, then built my first house in Marysville, and then met my husband, who lived in Ellensburg. When someone is born and raised in Kittitas County, it is tough to get them to leave. So here I came, a new resident of this beautiful county—and all for love. I’ve now been working at Suncadia for 14 years and I just can’t see leaving this beautiful place.

What were you doing before joining Suncadia?
I worked for the Boeing Company for 10 years in their EEO office and investigated claims with regard to alleged Title VII violations. I also worked for the Compass Group for six years in Human Resources. My entire career has been in the HR field. When I started at Boeing, I had the world’s worst HR Director that oversaw the department that I worked in as an administrative assistant. No trust, not there for the people etc. I watched her and the damage she created. It was at that time I told myself that I was going to be an HR Director and be the best one out there. I was going to care and create trust. I spent my entire career getting the education and experience to be just that. I still work on it each day.

What is your role at Suncadia?
I am the Director of People Services, which really means I get to have a career caring about people! The job is simple: it is the journey of employment from recruiting stage to end of employment and everything in between. My favorite part of the my job is training. I love being on stage and delivering training that leaves the student or learner feeling better about something or themselves as a result of our interaction.

What’s a typical day like for you in the job?
People, projects, interruptions, changes of plans, mixed up meeting space, cleaning rooms when busy, balancing budgets, help employees with benefits, audits. And I love it! There is never one day that is the same. I really love training and coaching young leaders to be great. I also love finding solutions to opportunities.

What’s your favorite spot for lunch on property?
Unfortunately, I am so busy it is always at my desk—if I even get to eat lunch. So I don’t think it is my favorite but it definitely is the spot. If I had my pick of locations, however, it would most definitely be sitting out on Strawberry Lawn looking out over the river at the beautiful mountains. There really isn’t a more beautiful view in Kittitas County.

What do you do for fun when you’re not on the job?
My family is very active. My husband, son and I love everything outdoors. We hunt, fish, snowmobile, we quad and dirt bike ride. We have a motorhome and I always say it is my happy place. Not my first happy place though; the best of the best is watching my son play sports. I cannot get enough of that.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
The first woman soccer player on the Seattle Sounders. Soccer was and still is my passion. I also coached soccer for boys for a total of 10 years. Played select adult soccer, too.

What is your favorite summertime activity at Suncadia?
Golf for sure. I am horrible, but who cares. I love the peacefulness of being out there. I don’t take it seriously so it is really a stress-free time for me. I love the Roper Rider Course because it has kid tees. I can stay the course from there.

If you weren’t in the hospitality industry, what would you be doing?
This is a good question. I would always be in a people profession. I think teaching or training would always have to be in my tool bag. I would really like to work with children that have learning disabilities or are from broken homes and teach them that they are valuable, loved and can accomplish great things in life.