a large black dog sitting on top of a lush green field.
Jul 16 2020

Man’s Best Friend Has a New Playground

Wet-nosed, wag-tailed and brimming with an insatiable curiosity for life, our four-legged friends are the embodiment of living in the moment. Every day is a new beginning, every moment is a game full of warmth and laughter. Constant companions through all our milestones, they are always by our side, sharing our celebrations, passions, achievements and aspirations.

At Suncadia, we go to great lengths to ensure your furry friends are well taken care of.

Our pet-friendly resort community boasts an off-leash dog park and more than 40 miles of trails that will keep them entertained for hours. Dawson Park is our most popular pet-friendly space, the perfect place to arrange play-dates for your pups. Although dogs may be off-leash in the park, they must be under verbal control of their companions. That’s not all, visitors will also be pleased to know that The Lodge offers pet-friendly accommodation, allowing guests to enjoy a vacation without having to board the family dog.

Of course, when you talk about Suncadia, it goes without saying that the miles of trails that surround the neighborhood and lead into the wilderness are the perfect invitation to enjoy a morning run, afternoon journey or an evening stroll—no two trails are the same, so it’s always an adventure for the pet! While we encourage owners to enjoy time on the trails with their pets, we also ask that they adhere to our safety guidelines—be extra cautious during the spring and early summer when there are fawns, bear cubs or other young wildlife, and avoid elk trails or wanders within the woods; only trails that are marked as walking trails may be used. This helps ensure both domestic and wild animals stay safe and secure.

So as we continue life’s journey in Suncadia and embark on new adventures together, let’s give our companions the care and treatment they deserve. Let’s treat them to life in a place that’s sunnier and brighter than any they’ve seen—away from the bustle of the city, in the heart of nature.

Learn more about Suncadia’s pet policy and download the responsibilities document here