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It's Wine-O'Clock in Suncadia!


Red, white, rosé. Dry, sweet, full-bodied. The language of wine is as, if not more, complex than the others we know—and there’s no better place to get fluent in it than at Swiftwater Cellars, Suncadia Resort’s very own premium winery. 

Since it opened in 2010, the winery in Cle Elum is a continuation of a 30-year legacy; and the credit for this incredible venue goes to Don and Lori Watts, who were so inspired by their travels to Europe, South America and South Africa that they made it their life’s ambition to craft a Northwest winery that offered people premium wines, locally-inspired menus and relaxing beautiful surroundings accentuated by a European sophistication. Situated atop Coal Mine No. 9 overlooking the Rope Rider golf course, the venue features a tasting bar, restaurant, pro shop and is also ideal to host special events. Built as an homage to the original Roslyn No. 9 mineshaft, every charming detail of Swiftwater Cellars has been crafted to transport visitors to another time and place. Walking past majestic wood doors ornamented with some of the original pickaxes from the mine, guests are immediately treated to sweeping views of the 120-foot Tipple Hill and the Rope Rider Golf Course.

So what’s good here? In a word—everything. Swiftwater Cellars sources its grapes from some of the premier vineyards of the Pacific Northwest, where they are transformed into incredible wines by master vintner Andrew Wisniewski. Each of the creations features subtleties and nuances that create distinction in every sip—whether you choose a Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Syrah or Riesling. Try them out during a tasting flight encompassing five of our hand-selected wines at the Tasting Room, a place beloved by locals and visitors alike. Impeccably crafted bites prepared at Hoist House can also be enjoyed here, and guests are also welcome to join the Wine Club, an exclusive membership experience for true wine aficionados.

Whether you’re on vacation, or on a weekend getaway, this is one Suncadia experience you shouldn’t miss!


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770 Suncadia Trail Cle Elum, WA 98922

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