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May 08 2018

Associate Spotlight: Megan Smith, Glade Spring Spa Director

At Suncadia, you step out of urban life and into something that’s all too rare: a place where you know your neighbors instead of just passing them on the way to work. And as visits become longer and more frequent, you get to know the people who help shape Suncadia into a community you hold close to your heart. You’re on a first-name basis with the yoga instructor, the one who has helped you with that difficult pose you’ve been attempting for years. You know the Fifty-6 Degrees Lounge barman who makes your cocktail just the way you like it, and the concierge who always recommends exactly the kind of activity your kids will love.

This new column celebrates all the Suncadia staff who play a role in the way residents and guests enjoy their time here. Some might be familiar faces or names, and others will be new to you. For our first column we introduce you to Megan Smith, Spa Director at Glade Spring Spa.

Prior to joining the Suncadia family, Megan worked in the salon and spa industry for 15 years, most recently as a Master Esthetician for a large hospital-based company. She also sits on the Washington State board for Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring, and Barbering. Though she’s only been at her new position for just over a month, she already knows it’s a special place for guests to visit when they want to relax and maybe even just laze about in luxury. “Our spa is really remarkable,” she says. “The salt soaks and saunas outside are one of my favorite features of the spa. This is a place where people really hang out and truly unplug from their life.”

Built to reflect the spectacular nature that surrounds Suncadia, Glade Spring Spa is a place to enjoy massages, facials and other relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Like the Mineral Rich Mud Scrub and Wrap, a detoxifying and exfoliating treatment that uses Volcanic Pumice and Coffee Arabica to stimulate circulation, and silt clay with herbal extracts to help smooth and firm the skin. Or the Crystal Rose Revival, a hydrating treatment that begins with an exfoliation using crystallized rose powder and is followed by a warm layer of honey to soften the skin. “The spa has a variety of product lines and services for body, mind and soul,” says Megan. “Another thing I think is important about the spa is that we try to support local companies and products as much as possible, so our retails items include handcrafted candles by Seattle-based company The Beauty of Hope and eco-fabulous jewelry pieces from a Washington company called Tumbleweed Bead.”

Megan says that the spa menu will soon offer some new treatment options—poolside massage, anyone?—and some other surprises. If you haven’t visited the Spa in a while, now is a good time to make an appointment. And make sure to say hi to Megan.