a playground with a slide and a play structure.
Aug 29 2018

A Tour of Dawson Park with Pat Simpson, Director of Community Associations

We can’t take credit for our spectacular natural backdrop, but our amenities and facilities? We built those for you, with family-friendly luxury in mind. We make sure every golf course, court, pool, and trail on our property is beautifully built and well-maintained, so every round, match, swim and walk in the park is as enjoyable as possible. Here, Pat Simpson, Director of Community Associations, tells us about our beloved Dawson Park.

Park history

Dawson Park is named in honor of James Dawson, a land planner, architect and environmentalist who has worked in the design and conception of Suncadia continuously since 1996 when planning for the community began in earnest. Jim’s contributions to Suncadia are immeasurable. His ideas, integrity and passion have been essential to the creation of this high-quality resort community, which is now a source of pride for our owners, guests. Suncadia is grateful for all of Jim’s contributions past, present and future.

Get your bearings

Dawson Park is a 17-acre site with a mining-themed play structure featuring swings, a rope ladder and playhouse. Kids love it here. It’s also a great place to gather family and neighbors for a friendly tennis, soccer or basketball game, to play some baseball or walk your furry friend in the dog park. Rackets? Balls? Horseshoes? Kites? We’ve got a cabin stocked with pretty much all the equipment you need for your favorite activity and you can borrow it from the staff. Best of all, the Suncadia Fund for Community Enhancement paid for the equipment and it’s free for residents and guests. In the winter, the jogging and walking paths become Nordic and snowshoe trails and a small hill is the place to go sledding with the kids.

A day in the park

There are several events that take place in the park, including the annual homeowner BBQ, which draws about 500 adults and children, and the Annual Holiday tree lighting at Thanksgiving. Both are very popular and really bring the whole community together. Another popular event is a 5K race called the Runners Stumbles. During summer months, the parks hosts classical music concerts in the pavilion, and in the past we even had a kite flying festival. Owners and visitors alike are welcome to reserve different areas of the park for their own events and celebrations.

Go out for a walk

There’s never a bad time to go to the park! There’s always families playing with their kids, couples walking their dogs, a group of friends going for a walk. MIles of pathways connect the park to Suncadia’s residential neighborhoods so it’s also a great place to bike and walk through on your way to the Lodge, Nelson Pool, and the Swim & Fitness Center. The park is also close to Swiftwater Cellars and Rope Rider Golf Course.

Pat Simpson’s role at the park

I am the Director of Community Associations and Dawson Park is an asset of the Suncadia Community Council, which is managed by our organization Suncadia Management Company. Although I am the overall director, my day-to-day role is limited as my operations and recreation teams take care of all the details. This includes making sure the grass is mowed, park bathrooms are clean, playgrounds are safe, courts and parking surfaces are maintained.