Announcing a new way to live at Suncadia: The Uplands 55+. Exclusive to residents 55 and older, this new, private gated neighborhood will nestle high on a forested ridge overlooking the Cle Elum River valley. Creating the tight-knit feel of a private retreat — but with access to Suncadia’s resort amenities too.

The Uplands 55+ will be an intimate neighborhood of only 60 homes gathered around a private clubhouse, trails and a three-acre woodland meadow. Jamee Smith, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Suncadia, describes The Uplands 55+ as a “getaway within a getaway” that brings something wholly new to this mountain resort community. “It’s everything people love about living in Suncadia but tailored to people sharing the same stage of life,” Smith says. “The Uplands 55+ will give residents lots of outdoor activity and natural beauty to enjoy, plus some really special ways to come together as neighbors.”

An illustrative sneak peek of The Maxwelton’s back patio (subject to change).
An illustrative sneak peek of The Maxwelton’s back patio (subject to change).

The community clubhouse will include indoor and outdoor gathering spaces including a pool, pickleball court and more. A large, protected meadow will provide another connection point for social events, nature walks and impromptu gatherings.

Homes built by Landed Gentry will be designed for main-floor, low-maintenance living — and low-hassle buying too. “The custom home building process can feel daunting,” explains Kendra Decker, Executive Vice President of Landed Gentry. “At The Uplands 55+, we’ll offer semi-custom homes with the quality and beauty of a custom home, but ready-to-go floorplans and finish selections.” Pre-sales begin soon. Join our Registry today for pre-sale announcements, special event invitations and more.

With 200 days of annual sunshine, four distinct seasons, and unlimited outdoor recreation, Suncadia was a natural fit for Kimi Fry. She realized that one winter morning when she came to visit a friend who was a member. They went cross country skiing and spent a couple of idyllic days in the Cascade Mountains, taking in everything this resort community had to offer. She was so impressed, in fact, she went back home to Renton Washington and told her partner, Chris Boznak (originally from Seattle), that this is where she wanted to live and work. Read about their story below.

Q & A with Kimi & Chris

 Q. So Kimi, Suncadia made a quite an impression on that first visit I take it?

A. “Oh yes. I had never heard of Suncadia until a friend of mine invited me to come for a visit. I immediately fell in love with this community and realized that this is where I wanted to live and work. I went back home and told Chris about it I was so excited.”

Q. So Chris, what was your take on Suncadia when you came back with Kimi?

A. “I was blown away by the natural beauty and couldn’t believe how close it was to Seattle. We came during my birthday weekend, stayed at The Lodge, and I played golf on The Prospector Course. I was pretty much hooked after that.”

Q. So Kimi, you moved up here in late 2021, right?

A. “That’s right, I had been looking for a home in the area and found one in Cle Elum, just a short drive from Suncadia. We were both excited because Chris could work up here remotely, as well. Everything just fell into place for us. So now that I’m at Suncadia, I can honestly say I have the best ‘office’ in the world, with nature all around.”

Q. Chris it sounds like you were equally thrilled to be up here?

A. “Definitely. The fact that it was so close to Seattle and had great internet made it a no brainer.  When Kimi moved up here, I started coming up every Thursday because it was so convenient. It has everything we want without the crowds and traffic down in Seattle.”

Q. Kimi what is about this place that makes it so special?

A. “It’s the total package. There’s stuff to do all year round, and not just in Suncadia. Outside the gates there are great small towns and opportunities for skiing and outdoor adventure all around. And of course, the amenities here are incredible. The dining, the golf…Chris is a big golfer and loves both of these courses. And the social aspect is great. This is a true community. The neighbors are so friendly, we have friends over a lot—we even started a Bunco group that meets once a month.”

Q. Chris, I take it golf is your favorite amenity here, what else do you like about Suncadia?

A. “Like you said, both golf courses are incredible: Rope Rider and Prospector. They are the kind of courses you can play each day and not get sick of them. But there is so much more to Suncadia. There’s hiking and swimming and tons of outdoor activities. The dining is really good too, we love Stovehouse and Portals, in particular.”

Experience Suncadia

Now more than ever, families crave a pristine mountain getaway. A modern retreat that allows your loved ones to come together and enjoy what’s most important in life. The joy and gratification of owning a home at Suncadia is something your entire family will treasure. Our level of service, premier amenities, and programmed activities is unprecedented in the region. Come discover the unprecedented resort lifestyle that awaits you here.


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“This is a true four-season community—that’s one of the main things that attracted us to Suncadia. We felt this is a place we could move to and live year-round, enjoying each season and all the activities, events, and outdoor recreation that are offered here.”

Cathy & Jim Hooper,

Suncadia Homeowners

Washington State’s Cascade Mountains are a natural paradise, a scenic haven for outdoor recreation throughout the year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Unlike many communities in the Great Northwest that go dormant in December, January, February, and March, Suncadia comes to life with a treasure trove of wintry pastimes, adventures, and leisurely pursuits—both inside the gates, and out. Just a short drive away, lies the alpine enticements of Kittitas County and Central Washington; and the charming towns of Cle Elum and Roslyn offer their own mix of wintertime merriment for young and old alike.

Having Fun Is Always In Season At Suncadia

It’s fitting that the “Heart of the Cascades”—a region known for its natural wonders, topographical diversity, and wide-ranging natural attractions—would be home to such a cornucopia of winter sports and recreational activities. Best of all, Suncadia allows you to enjoy much of this Winter wonderland without leaving the gates. There is cross-country skiing on miles of pristine trails, scenic winter hiking paths along the Cle Elum river, ice skating under twinkling stars, even axe throwing, which, technically speaking, isn’t necessarily a winter-only pursuit, but it has a certain Nordic-Viking appeal. Of course, to rev oneself up before, during, or after frolicking in the snow, Suncadia offers a wide range of warm, enticing venues to satisfy your palate or whet your whistle. 

View Our Winter Activities Guide

Winter Activities Are Never Far Away

Just outside the gates of Suncadia is a world waiting to be explored. Two quaint small towns, Cle Elum and Roslyn, are unique and endlessly inviting, filled with cafes, restaurants, and lively entertainment to warm up to on a frosty day. These two destinations often serve as a launching point for wintertime adventures that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Summit at Snoqualmie Ski Resort

Just a short drive from Suncadia, The Summit at Snoqualmie encompasses four ski areas: Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central, and Summit East. All together, they comprise 18 chair lifts, six surface lifts, and a wide range of ski runs to meet the needs of beginners and seasoned pros. Alpental has some of the steepest, most scenic runs in all the Cascades.

Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

Another nearby ski resort, Mission Ridge is located on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, offering world-class skiing, and blessed with an average snowfall of 200 inches per year. Mission Ridge offers 6 lifts that give access to 2,000 acres of slopes: one high-speed detachable quad lift, three fixed grip double chairlifts, and two rope tows. 

The Town of Leavenworth

 Think about lights…lots of festive, holiday lights. Leavenworth is a sight to behold all winter long, with a magical display of exterior illumination that would make Chevy Chase quite envious. In addition to lights, the bustling town offers delicious German food, carolers singing in the streets, lively entertainment, and a seemingly endless array of winter activities. 

“Winter is the premier season for many of our families at Suncadia. And it’s not just the skiers and snowboarders. Many families here love the winter hiking, ice skating, and extended winter views of the Cascades. With plenty of warm, indoor dining and entertainment, it’s always easy to get warm and cozy while enjoying drinks or a delicious meal at one of our restaurants.”

Gary Madonna, VP Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Everything Under The Sun

Suncadia enjoys 200 days of sun a year (30% more than Seattle). Set high in an alpine paradise, surrounded by towering mountains, fresh streams, and fertile valleys, Suncadia feels world’s away—yet it’s just an easy 80 miles from downtown Seattle. You have entered a community in which outdoor adventure abounds. And recreation and relaxation impart their gifts in equal measure. In addition to our winter sports and activities, families can enjoy hiking and biking on 26 miles of paved trails, fly-fishing on the Cle Elum River, golfing on two premier championship courses, and countless other pursuits.

Are there any home design trends that you think are very popular right now? Or that you foresee will become popular this year?

We are seeing a lot more of the mountain modern aesthetic, which we think will be here to stay for a long time because of its flexibility and scalability. That’s because modern forms can still blend into their surroundings using shape, scale and color. At the same time, inspired use of palettes, textures and materials can dial up the mountain aesthetic as per owner preferences. It’s a comfortable, effortless and timeless look—even though a lot of effort goes into the design and construction process to make it appear simple.

Interested in breathing life into your Suncadia dream by learning more about Belliss Homes and their offerings? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000 to #findyourspotinthesun.

You can find more info on Belliss Homes here: http://www.bellisshomes.com

Building a custom-designed home probably ranks high on every homeowner’s dream list. At Suncadia, we know how important it is for members of our community to build a home they will love for years to come, one that fits their lifestyle and that they are happy to come home to weekend after weekend. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best home builders and architects in Cle Elum and across Washington. Meet Todd & Maria Pettit of Belliss Homes. Could you share the story of how Belliss was born, and what its journey has been as a Suncadia builder?

Could you share the story of how Belliss was born, and what its journey has been as a Suncadia builder?

Belliss Homes was born in 2013; the name draws inspiration from “Bell”evue and “Iss”aquah as we did spec homes in those places at that time. The journey to Suncadia was more of a natural shift; Todd grew up camping and riding motorcycles at his family’s property in and around Roslyn and Cle Elum, so he has always had a connection to this area and a love for all of what the beautiful landscape has to offer. We built our first home in Suncadia in 2006 and since that time we knew we would not only have a home there, but continue to build there for years to come. Now, here we are 15 years later, expanding our Central WA division and have more projects than ever in the resort—proud to be boutique custom and spec builders with divisions on both sides of the mountains.

What do you think makes the Suncadia community special, from an architecture or design perspective? Is there a particular style of home you specialize in or gravitate towards?

Suncadia is very special in the sense that there is a thoughtful process that goes into the design to keep in line with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape—the use of earth tonecolors and textures that blends with the beauty of the community is a really striking characteristic. Our favorite builds to date have been true timber frame builds that have modern touches—it’s a unique way to pay homage to the place, but the contemporary twists keep things interesting.

What’s it like to work with a client to custom-create a home? What are some questions you ask to ensure you create something unique?

This is always the exciting part of the project. When collaborating with a client to stay within the building guidelines of the resort, we listen to their must-haves and if there is an area in question, we make suggestions based on our experience to achieve the overall look that meets their function and style needs. When we begin the build journey with a client, we always ask them about their vision, dream design and materials, lifestyle and if the home will be their full-time residence or a vacation/rental property—based on this, and using our knowledge of the community, we help create the ideal home that fits right in to the community.

How does the landscape and the weather in and around Suncadia influence the home design or construction? 

When designing for a 4-season community like Suncadia, it’s very important to make sure the home is comfortable for residents throughout the year. So homes that are on sites are built in a way that there is plenty of natural light indoors, but it isn’t harsh or uncomfortable. At the same time, when designing on the east side of the mountains we are careful to take snow loads into account when designing—the winter months can be a challenge. That being said, we also ensure we manage the build out right through the winter months unless there are extreme weather challenges.

Are there any home design trends that you think are very popular right now? Or that you foresee will become popular this year?

We are seeing a lot more of the mountain modern aesthetic, which we think will be here to stay for a long time because of its flexibility and scalability. That’s because modern forms can still blend into their surroundings using shape, scale and color. At the same time, inspired use of palettes, textures and materials can dial up the mountain aesthetic as per owner preferences. It’s a comfortable, effortless and timeless look—even though a lot of effort goes into the design and construction process to make it appear simple.

Interested in breathing life into your Suncadia dream by learning more about Belliss Homes and their offerings? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000 to #findyourspotinthesun.

You can find more info on Belliss Homes here: http://www.bellisshomes.com 

Far from the city, in the embrace of nature, surrounded by friends and family—life in Suncadia has its own charms, with every day bringing new discoveries, explorations and celebrations. But at the end of each day, there’s nothing quite like getting together with friends over a pint (or two!)

Which is why Suncadia has partnered with acclaimed local craft brewery Dru Bru (of Snoqualmie fame) to make your sunset happy hours even happier. As part of our efforts to support local businesses, we’ve collaboratively created the popular Windy Shot India Pale Ale, and planned a massive canning event for this IPA on the 17th of March.

In case you can’t wait that long, you can now can enjoy an assortment of Dru Bru’s award-winning beers, ciders, and house made non-alcoholic sodas in the comfort of your home, at Suncadia’s dining venues, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, at the recently opened Dru Bru location in Cle Elum. This large space, which is home to a 20-tap, all-ages taproom as well as a production warehouse, offers indoor seating enhanced by contemporary European-influenced décor, and al fresco tables looking out over the majestic Cascades. Drafts, cans, bottles, growlers and kegs-to-go are all on the menu, as are sandwiches, salads, and wraps from Stella’s and wood fired pies from Swift Fired Pizza—the perfect bites to go with your brews.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Dru Bru’s offerings will quench your thirst—be it the pilsners, lagers and pale ales available year-round, to the limited release German and winter ales, and even the dark and sour ales. The taproom will also soon introduce an innovative tribute to the Cascades, the ‘Cle Elum Classic’, so keep your eye out for this special brew in and around Suncadia!

Dru Bru’s Cle Elum location also offers avid brewmasters and amateur crafters the chance to enjoy private brewery tours. The space is evolving and expanding, and the end of the year will unveil a larger production facility and tap room, ready to serve all of Cle Elum. If you’re planning to drop by for a pint, please note that Dru Bru is obeying and enforcing all of the state’s current COVID-19 guidelines. Don’t forget your mask, keep your distance, and limit your group size.

Check out the breweries full list of beers here and stay up-to-date with upcoming news and events here. Want more? Just follow @dru_bru on Instagram to get the latest Dru Bru scoop!

Building a home in the heart of nature is a dream shared by many but realized only by a few. It’s a labor of love that comes to fruition not just because of a singular vision, but because of the help and support of many. At Suncadia, we leave no stone unturned in helping our members breathe life into their dream home, and share a vision for the community that appeals both to individuals, as well as the collective. We recently spoke to Jennifer Kramer, our Director of Design Review and Residential Construction to find out more about this perspective.

What is the core design and construction philosophy Suncadia hopes is visible across all projects?

JK: Suncadia’s guiding design vision is to create a community carefully placed within the forest and river setting in a manner that is harmonious with and preserves the integrity of the natural landscaping and wildlife habitat for future generations to enjoy.

What elements do you look for in a Suncadia home design? 

JK: What we really look for is a sense of harmony between all homes, whether traditional or modern mountain. This aspect is extremely important and the designs we see are required to create a style and form of architecture and landscape that is not only elegant and appealing but also appropriate to the community, region and climate. That’s not all; we also look for certain guidelines to be met. For instance, the exterior finish materials and details of a home must appear natural and complementary to the surrounding natural environment in texture and color, while the overarching design must appear residential in scale, include single story elements, meet massing and square footage requirements, and step down with the natural grade of the land.

What is the common thread that makes these homes unique to Suncadia? 

JK: Suncadia’s beautiful homes are nestled in the natural environment, appropriate in building size, mass and scale and built with high quality materials indigenous to the area. Designs are carefully reviewed by the Design Review Committee to ensure that homes meet the vision for the community and enhance values to owners. We look for homes that ‘celebrate’ nature—by bringing the outdoors in through ample amounts of glazing, by extending indoor living spaces to the outside with ‘outdoor living rooms’ on decks, terraces and other areas—the options are endless, but the end result is unmistakably Suncadia. 

What do you think makes the Suncadia community special?
Could you share any interesting experiences about the homes you have overseen so far in Suncadia?

JK: It’s definitely the people that make the community special! I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with owners and their design teams from initial vision through the end of construction. It’s been a pleasure watching the community grow and seeing the relationships being developed throughout the different neighborhoods. There are so many unique designs but there are definitely quite a few memorable instances; there’s a home where the owners mimicked a mine shaft on their basement level, with the birthdates of their children chiselled into the rock entrance, another home flaunts a custom dining room table made from the trees removed on their property during construction, and there was even a home where the owner designed kitty windows so that their felines had a proper place to watch the wildlife and keep entertained while they were away! 

How do the elements and environment influence your thought process and/or the way you review and give feedback on design?

JK: It’s important to design to the landscape, but it’s just as important to know the climate-related factors that can influence the design. For example, architects are required to design roofs to meet a 140-pound snow load requirement—if it’s not properly designed, ice dams and snow sheds can cause significant damage. Also, owners have to submit a grading and drainage plan to ensure that water will flow away from the home and will be properly retained on the site—owners are required to minimize the amount of landscape irrigation through water sensitive landscape design; areas of irrigated landscape cannot exceed 20% of the Building Coverage. Care is taken to retain as many trees and natural vegetation as possible while still meeting Firewise recommendations, and landscape architects are directed to select plants and trees that are indigenous to the area. What’s more, as a member of the International Dark Sky Association, all exterior lights in Suncadia are required to meet the standards for light pollution and lumens. Natural gas is required to be used as the main source of heat for all homes, and solar panels are growing in popularity on Suncadia homes. It may seem like little details, but everything adds up to create a harmonious and happy living experience. 

Curious about what else goes into designing and building a home in Suncadia? Get in touch with one of our onsite real estate experts and we’ll answer every question you have!


When you think of skiing, going to a mountaintop and racing downhill through fresh powder probably comes to mind. But there’s another style that deserves a second look. It’s called cross-country, or Nordic, skiing — and it’s actually the original and oldest form of the sport. It began in (you guessed it) Norway, where it developed out of necessity; it was a way to travel over snow-covered land for hunting, wood gathering, and social purposes. Today, it’s an Olympic sport, with events for men and women included in the Winter Games.

Although downhill skiing gets most of the glory and hype these days, more and more people are turning to Nordic skiing. It’s no different at Suncadia, where miles of wilderness present the perfect opportunity for beginners and experienced skiers and snow shoers to get out and explore the terrain. 

Currently, the community has miles of cross-country trails; some that go around the golf courses, others that provide spectacular views over the Cle Elum River, especially on snow-covered days. It’s not the challenge of the terrain that skiers can look forward to, it’s also the chance to catch a glimpse of deer and elk wandering around the trails. As the community expands and adds more members to the family, we are also earmarking new trails for our members to explore—the newest one is set to open soon in Nelson Preserve. 

If you’d like to enjoy a winter detour in the incredible landscape of Suncadia, be sure to check out our Nordic Skiing and snowshoeing trails—download an easy-to-use map of our trails here and plan out your day in the snow!

Just 80 miles from Seattle, far removed from the chaos of the city but almost a world unto its own, this is Tumble Creek, a place where residents can enjoy a truly unique living experience. And within this incredible community are the Paintbrush Lakes. These lakes span three-acres of land that looks like a scene straight out of a fairy tale—and the setting for our newest homesites release.

Imagine waking up to sights of a lake modeled after Washington’s sparkling mountain glacial lakes, and named for the red and orange “Indian Paintbrush”. Picture being able to walk out of your home to a series of lakes that flow one to the next, reflecting the soaring pines and passing clouds.

You can also enjoy a near endless itinerary of delights when living here—some lakes are made for lakeside contemplation, some beckon fishing, and others invite paddle boarding and kayaking to explore the waters. Of course, your family and your four-legged companions will find more reasons to spend the day outdoors at the nearby Domerie Park, home to waterfalls, a creek and plenty of shaded spots for spontaneous family picnics. Should a game of frisbee or tag not be enough to keep the little ones occupied, you can explore the Lupine Trail that winds through the park, or even hike to the 5,800-foot summit of Mt. Baldy Trail for scenic views above it all.

You can now make the enchanting and inspiring setting of Paintbrush Lake the site for your new home—choose from a limited release of homesites and enjoy all the advantages the Tumble Creek club community has to offer. Get in touch with one of our onsite real estate experts and find your spot in the sun.

Brighter, warmer and more welcoming than any place you could imagine, Tumble Creek is more than just a retreat from the city—it’s your home in the mountains, a gathering place for the senses, an invitation to live free in the embrace of nature. This 2,600-acre haven blends the serenity of a mountain resort and the perks of a members-only lifestyle.

Bordering on the 1,200-acre Kittitas Conservancy Trust preserve, land protected in perpetuity, this landscape is abundant in wildlife with the Cle Elum River coursing throughout, most prominently the majestic Roosevelt Elk herds. Imagine having a home here on the sunny side of the Cascades, and waking up to the sight of the majestic mountainscape outside of your windows. The soothing sound of the river flowing below is your constant companion, the seasons gradually coloring the long views, from verdant green to a blaze of autumn color to peaks dusted in white.

Here, in this impeccable setting, embraced by a lifestyle filled with exclusive perks, you can find your next home. Here, life opens up a near endless array of experiences literally at your doorstep; fly-fishing, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, picnicking—there’s no shortage of experiences to enjoy, both in the great outdoors, or the warm social gathering places. Of course, Suncadia’s many other offerings are just across the river—the golf courses, swim and fitness center, spa and more are yours to enjoy.

A limited number of Mountain View homesites are now available for purchase in Tumble Creek. Get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to find the perfect homesite that best fits your lifestyle. 

If you are an avid golfer, you have surely had this fantasy – waking up and walking out to your deck with a steaming cuppa joe, to enjoy the sight of dawn over a beautifully manicured fairway, dotted with trees and rough, and a green just a few houses down. Then, after your coffee, you walk out the door, ready to tee off immediately. That’s the dream, right? The chance to live next to a golf course —no fighting traffic to get to the club, making appointments, no obstacles between you and the greens. 

And that’s the lifestyle you can enjoy as a resident of the Golf Front Homes at Tumble Creek, in addition to access to many more exclusive experiences. The new homesites release overlooks the world-class, 18-hole Tom Doak-designed golf course—a highlight of this incomparable members-only community, alongside signature experiences like The Great House, the upcoming community clubhouse, as well as the glamping experiences at Mt. Sasse Outpost.

Those that live and breathe the sport recognize Doak as one of the finest living golf course architects in the world. Golf Digest ranked three of his courses (Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes, Cape Kidnappers, and Barnbougle) among the top 50 in the world, and named his creation at Tumble Creek one of the top private courses in America. Inspired by the existing topography, his course in Tumble Creek is beautiful and elegant, yet subtle in nature. His minimalist design uses the native landforms as opposed to artificially sculpted shapes; gradually transitioning turf from the manicured fairway to the natural environment of the surrounding woods.

A limited number of homesites around the course are now available for purchase. Get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to find the perfect homesite that best fits your lifestyle.