Building a custom-designed home probably ranks high on every homeowner’s dream list. At Suncadia, we know how important it is for members of our community to build a home they will love for years to come, one that fits their lifestyle and that they are happy to come home to weekend after weekend. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best home builders and architects in Cle Elum and across Washington. Meet Todd & Maria Pettit of Belliss Homes. Could you share the story of how Belliss was born, and what its journey has been as a Suncadia builder?

Could you share the story of how Belliss was born, and what its journey has been as a Suncadia builder?

Belliss Homes was born in 2013; the name draws inspiration from “Bell”evue and “Iss”aquah as we did spec homes in those places at that time. The journey to Suncadia was more of a natural shift; Todd grew up camping and riding motorcycles at his family’s property in and around Roslyn and Cle Elum, so he has always had a connection to this area and a love for all of what the beautiful landscape has to offer. We built our first home in Suncadia in 2006 and since that time we knew we would not only have a home there, but continue to build there for years to come. Now, here we are 15 years later, expanding our Central WA division and have more projects than ever in the resort—proud to be boutique custom and spec builders with divisions on both sides of the mountains.

What do you think makes the Suncadia community special, from an architecture or design perspective? Is there a particular style of home you specialize in or gravitate towards?

Suncadia is very special in the sense that there is a thoughtful process that goes into the design to keep in line with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape—the use of earth tonecolors and textures that blends with the beauty of the community is a really striking characteristic. Our favorite builds to date have been true timber frame builds that have modern touches—it’s a unique way to pay homage to the place, but the contemporary twists keep things interesting.

What’s it like to work with a client to custom-create a home? What are some questions you ask to ensure you create something unique?

This is always the exciting part of the project. When collaborating with a client to stay within the building guidelines of the resort, we listen to their must-haves and if there is an area in question, we make suggestions based on our experience to achieve the overall look that meets their function and style needs. When we begin the build journey with a client, we always ask them about their vision, dream design and materials, lifestyle and if the home will be their full-time residence or a vacation/rental property—based on this, and using our knowledge of the community, we help create the ideal home that fits right in to the community.

How does the landscape and the weather in and around Suncadia influence the home design or construction? 

When designing for a 4-season community like Suncadia, it’s very important to make sure the home is comfortable for residents throughout the year. So homes that are on sites are built in a way that there is plenty of natural light indoors, but it isn’t harsh or uncomfortable. At the same time, when designing on the east side of the mountains we are careful to take snow loads into account when designing—the winter months can be a challenge. That being said, we also ensure we manage the build out right through the winter months unless there are extreme weather challenges.

Are there any home design trends that you think are very popular right now? Or that you foresee will become popular this year?

We are seeing a lot more of the mountain modern aesthetic, which we think will be here to stay for a long time because of its flexibility and scalability. That’s because modern forms can still blend into their surroundings using shape, scale and color. At the same time, inspired use of palettes, textures and materials can dial up the mountain aesthetic as per owner preferences. It’s a comfortable, effortless and timeless look—even though a lot of effort goes into the design and construction process to make it appear simple.

Interested in breathing life into your Suncadia dream by learning more about Belliss Homes and their offerings? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000 to #findyourspotinthesun.

You can find more info on Belliss Homes here: http://www.bellisshomes.com