When you think of skiing, going to a mountaintop and racing downhill through fresh powder probably comes to mind. But there’s another style that deserves a second look. It’s called cross-country, or Nordic, skiing — and it’s actually the original and oldest form of the sport. It began in (you guessed it) Norway, where it developed out of necessity; it was a way to travel over snow-covered land for hunting, wood gathering, and social purposes. Today, it’s an Olympic sport, with events for men and women included in the Winter Games.

Although downhill skiing gets most of the glory and hype these days, more and more people are turning to Nordic skiing. It’s no different at Suncadia, where miles of wilderness present the perfect opportunity for beginners and experienced skiers and snow shoers to get out and explore the terrain. 

Currently, the community has miles of cross-country trails; some that go around the golf courses, others that provide spectacular views over the Cle Elum River, especially on snow-covered days. It’s not the challenge of the terrain that skiers can look forward to, it’s also the chance to catch a glimpse of deer and elk wandering around the trails. As the community expands and adds more members to the family, we are also earmarking new trails for our members to explore—the newest one is set to open soon in Nelson Preserve. 

If you’d like to enjoy a winter detour in the incredible landscape of Suncadia, be sure to check out our Nordic Skiing and snowshoeing trails—download an easy-to-use map of our trails here and plan out your day in the snow!

Just 80 miles from Seattle, far removed from the chaos of the city but almost a world unto its own, this is Tumble Creek, a place where residents can enjoy a truly unique living experience. And within this incredible community are the Paintbrush Lakes. These lakes span three-acres of land that looks like a scene straight out of a fairy tale—and the setting for our newest homesites release.

Imagine waking up to sights of a lake modeled after Washington’s sparkling mountain glacial lakes, and named for the red and orange “Indian Paintbrush”. Picture being able to walk out of your home to a series of lakes that flow one to the next, reflecting the soaring pines and passing clouds.

You can also enjoy a near endless itinerary of delights when living here—some lakes are made for lakeside contemplation, some beckon fishing, and others invite paddle boarding and kayaking to explore the waters. Of course, your family and your four-legged companions will find more reasons to spend the day outdoors at the nearby Domerie Park, home to waterfalls, a creek and plenty of shaded spots for spontaneous family picnics. Should a game of frisbee or tag not be enough to keep the little ones occupied, you can explore the Lupine Trail that winds through the park, or even hike to the 5,800-foot summit of Mt. Baldy Trail for scenic views above it all.

You can now make the enchanting and inspiring setting of Paintbrush Lake the site for your new home—choose from a limited release of homesites and enjoy all the advantages the Tumble Creek club community has to offer. Get in touch with one of our onsite real estate experts and find your spot in the sun.