Brighter, warmer and more welcoming than any place you could imagine, Tumble Creek is more than just a retreat from the city—it’s your home in the mountains, a gathering place for the senses, an invitation to live free in the embrace of nature. This 2,600-acre haven blends the serenity of a mountain resort and the perks of a members-only lifestyle.

Bordering on the 1,200-acre Kittitas Conservancy Trust preserve, land protected in perpetuity, this landscape is abundant in wildlife with the Cle Elum River coursing throughout, most prominently the majestic Roosevelt Elk herds. Imagine having a home here on the sunny side of the Cascades, and waking up to the sight of the majestic mountainscape outside of your windows. The soothing sound of the river flowing below is your constant companion, the seasons gradually coloring the long views, from verdant green to a blaze of autumn color to peaks dusted in white.

Here, in this impeccable setting, embraced by a lifestyle filled with exclusive perks, you can find your next home. Here, life opens up a near endless array of experiences literally at your doorstep; fly-fishing, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, picnicking—there’s no shortage of experiences to enjoy, both in the great outdoors, or the warm social gathering places. Of course, Suncadia’s many other offerings are just across the river—the golf courses, swim and fitness center, spa and more are yours to enjoy.

A limited number of Mountain View homesites are now available for purchase in Tumble Creek. Get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to find the perfect homesite that best fits your lifestyle. 

If you are an avid golfer, you have surely had this fantasy – waking up and walking out to your deck with a steaming cuppa joe, to enjoy the sight of dawn over a beautifully manicured fairway, dotted with trees and rough, and a green just a few houses down. Then, after your coffee, you walk out the door, ready to tee off immediately. That’s the dream, right? The chance to live next to a golf course —no fighting traffic to get to the club, making appointments, no obstacles between you and the greens. 

And that’s the lifestyle you can enjoy as a resident of the Golf Front Homes at Tumble Creek, in addition to access to many more exclusive experiences. The new homesites release overlooks the world-class, 18-hole Tom Doak-designed golf course—a highlight of this incomparable members-only community, alongside signature experiences like The Great House, the upcoming community clubhouse, as well as the glamping experiences at Mt. Sasse Outpost.

Those that live and breathe the sport recognize Doak as one of the finest living golf course architects in the world. Golf Digest ranked three of his courses (Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes, Cape Kidnappers, and Barnbougle) among the top 50 in the world, and named his creation at Tumble Creek one of the top private courses in America. Inspired by the existing topography, his course in Tumble Creek is beautiful and elegant, yet subtle in nature. His minimalist design uses the native landforms as opposed to artificially sculpted shapes; gradually transitioning turf from the manicured fairway to the natural environment of the surrounding woods.

A limited number of homesites around the course are now available for purchase. Get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to find the perfect homesite that best fits your lifestyle. 

The year is almost over, and what a year it has been! Restrictions, social distancing, working from home…the new norm has changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined before. It’s a sentiment shared by many of the community members at Suncadia, as they discover a new way to lead a safe and secure life in the mountains—far from the city, closer to nature, and to an extent, shielded from some of the dangers the pandemic might bring. We spoke to two of our community members, Stephanie True and Carina Walters, to learn more about their experiences of sheltering in Suncadia.

How has the pandemic affected you and the family?

Stephanie True: It’s been an adjustment—like most other families, we’re dealing with homeschool, work-from-home, cancelled activities, limited playdates, kids with a lot of energy and not enough “safe” outlets. 

Carina Walters: We’re out of our comfort zone, and it’s been a long road to finding some semblance of normalcy.

How has sheltering in Suncadia helped? When did you make the decision to move here and what was that journey like? 

ST: We purchased our home in July 2020 so actually it was a mid-pandemic decision—having stayed in Suncadia with friends many times before, we always wondered “Should we do this?”—I guess the pandemic pushed us over the edge. We love the outdoor spaces which give us and the kids room to play without necessarily being close to others. The many parks, trails, scenic drives, opportunities for safe outdoor recreation were game-changing for us in 2020. Not to mention the change of scenery from our Seattle home. It was nice to be able to travel between the two homes!

CW: Honestly? Our decision to stay in Suncadia was not planned, it was more of a place to self-isolate after accidental exposure to the virus. We landed in Seattle from a trip to SunValley to news of a 2-week shut down and just headed to Suncadia with a couple of weeks worth of clothing—little did we know we would be there for the next 3 months as the city and world continued to shut down. But as time passed, Suncadia gave us more space to safely go on walks and roam, places to pick up to-go meals and so much more; we even found ways to keep the kids safely entertained outside of the house as my partner Matt embraced a “work from home” life.  

What is an average day in Suncadia like for you? 

ST: There is no average day! The internet is super-strong so my first grader will do her online classes if it’s a school day, but our days always include an outdoor activity (visits to Dawson Park, one of the pools, bike rides, ice skating, walking up and down the Lodge steps, picnics in the park…everyday is a new reason to step out and enjoy the sunshine!

CW: We have two young kids, so every day brings its own whirlwind—we’re usually up early for homeschooling sessions and working from home, and evenings are for exploring the community. In some ways the energy level remains the same as it would have been in Seattle!

What are the activities you and the family enjoy in the community?

ST: Since we purchased in July 2020, we haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore a lot of  community activities, but we’re looking forward to the opening of The Great House, with all it’s family-friendly offerings, as well as exploring the Suncadia Rangers program and signing up for golf lessons. 

CW: In a nutshell, everything. If I had to be specific though, it would be walking, random wildlife sightings, parks, and of course GOLF!

Can you describe one of the most unforgettable things that happened since you began to shelter in Suncadia? 

ST: I would say we’ve had some really unforgettable days at the Tumble Creek pool. The staff has been accommodating and really made us feel as “normal” as possible even during a pandemic. We’ve also lucked out with some spectacular weather which made for some epic walks. 

CW: The endless opportunities for exploration, on walks in solitude, with other family members, and safe-distance walks with neighbours—those moments are pretty special. But if I had to choose one, the elk sighting right in our driveway, was really unforgettable—a story for the ages!

And finally, do you have any message you would like to share with your fellow community members?

ST: I’m looking forward to meeting more people in 2021! 

CW: Stay safe!


You too can take advantage of sheltering in Suncadia and be part of a warm, inclusive community. Get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to find the perfect homesite that fits your lifestyle. 

The sheer beauty of autumn is a standout all on its own, which is why people travel far and wide for the best leaf sightings each year. When the air gets crisp and the leaves start to change colors, we’re filled with a special sort of joy—and there’s no better place to embrace this warm feeling than in Suncadia Heights

In the literal heart of Suncadia, near the Lodge and steps away from community amenities like the Swim & Fitness Center, the winery, the spa, and the Prospector Golf Course, Suncadia Heights has been designed as a destination for families who want to be close to the buzzing and lively nerve centre of our community. And fall is just the season to explore Suncadia’s landscape, to wander through the meandering trails, to wonder at the majesty of nature. 

Imagine waking up to endless vistas of orange, auburn and ochres, to be able to walk out your front door, breathe in the cool, crisp air, and see nature’s living masterpiece change before your eyes. Suncadia Heights is an exclusive collection of 10 homesites perched upon a ridge, featuring 180-degree vistas of the forested mountains with a river that runs through it. Designed to be perfect retreats, offering seclusion from the world, they are perfect vantage points to soak up the shades of fall. And with more and more residents choosing to shelter in the community during the pandemic, opting to work from home in a safe and secure environment—who knows? You could end up making Suncadia Heights your new forever home.

There are only 6 vacant homesites in Suncadia Heights, so get in touch with the experts at Suncadia Real Estate to schedule a private tour today. Choose the perfect homesite that best fits your lifestyle and find your spot in the sun.