There’s no doubt about it—summer at Suncadia is not just a season, it’s a celebration. Framed by vibrant hues of the infinite sky and verdant landscape, infused with the fresh fragrance of flowers, embraced by a convivial vibe, it’s a time to forget about all your worries and enjoy life in its purest form.

It’s a time to get together with friends and neighbors to celebrate all the little moments that make life truly beautiful. And there’s no better place to do so than at Nellie’s Restaurant, over our weekly event that’s designed to present the best of the season in every way. Begin your weekend in high spirits as you gather at this al fresco venue located by the Nelson Farm Pool, where fabulous eats, refreshing drinks and fantastic entertainment sets the scene for memorable moments.

Dine on Pacific Northwest favorites inspired by The Nelson Farm’s Hay Creek Garden at the restaurant, or on a poolside chaise lounge. Sip on crafted cocktails, beers and wines provided by DruBru and Heritage Distilling Co. Catch up with friends old and new as live music by Chinook Entertainment provides the soundtrack for your evening. The little ones will also find plenty to do, with an array of games to play, a bounce house to explore, and of course, the pool to splash around in with the other kids (and adults too.)

Guests who have made a booking directly through the resort, as well as residents of our communities who have purchased club memberships are welcome to join us for this extraordinary event, held every Saturday from 5:00-8:00pm. We hope to see you there!

A Limited Time Offer. Infinite Moments of Bliss.

Special incentives on Suncadia Heights homesites, only until August 31


A highlight of Suncadia’s 6,400-acre resort community, Suncadia Heights is the newest neighborhood to offer families the opportunity to enjoy life in the mountains. Just off Suncadia Trail, minutes away from The Lodge, Prospector Golf Course, the spa and the Swim and Fitness Center, this exclusive collection of 10 homesites are perched upon a ridge, featuring 180-degree vistas of the forested mountains with a river that runs through it.

Designed to be perfect retreats, close to the heart of a lively community, yet offering seclusion from the world, Suncadia Heights now enhances the rewards of living close to nature with an exceptional offer.

For a limited time*, you can enjoy unbelievable savings of over $24,000 as an owner at Suncadia Heights, in addition to lifestyle benefits second to none.

*These offers are only valid on homesites purchased by August 31st 2019. Contact our sales team for more information about Suncadia Heights and #findyourspotinthesun

Other conditions apply.

A few hours away from the city, but miles away from the ordinary, Suncadia is not just a place, it’s a tribute to the legacy of the land, a community of individuals looking to retreat into nature’s embrace. It’s the reason why we live by the philosophy to respect and preserve the natural character of the site.


Over 4,600 of Suncadia’s 6,400 acre-wide lands are designated open space, home to several stretches of native forest with special conservation initiatives for the indigenous flora and fauna. As part of our commitment to the stewardship of the land, we’ve created a wildlife preserve of more than 3,400 acres known as the Suncadia Conservancy, running along both banks of the Cle Elum River and protected by an agreement with the Kittitas Conservation Trust.

As a way to ensure the conservancy has the means to continue sustaining the local environment, we have organized the Suncadia Conservancy 10k, a benefit race where a portion of the ticket price goes to support the local conservancy, which manages the land and wildlife. Beginning at Nelson Farm, the course will cover the most scenic parts of the resort, passing through forests, trails and the open road. The route accommodates runners of all skill levels but is specially designed for beginners and intermediate level athletes. The day will end with an after-party by the pool, where participants and their loved ones can enjoy light bites and beverages, while a DJ spins foot-tapping tunes.

Haven’t registered for the run yet? Purchase your tickets here and see the full itinerary here.

Spotlight on Suncadia’s Featured Interior Designer, Nest Design Studio

Finding the perfect place to build your dream home is just half the story.


Finding the perfect place to build your dream home is just half the story. At Suncadia, we know how important it is for the details of the spaces to be just right, creating homes that residents of our community view as true reflections of themselves. This is why we have partnered with some of the best interior designers in the regions, so residents have help in custom-creating interiors that they will love and cherish for years to come. Meet Sam Mikel from Nest Design Studio.

When did you know your calling was to design innovative interiors for homes?

Even as a young child, I was always fascinated by buildings and spaces. I remember wanting to have a say in the way my room was designed and decorated, and I would constantly move the furniture around into new layouts. Ultimately, I studied interior design under two great mentors and that gave me a wealth of design wisdom, skill and know-how about the industry. I’ve been designing interiors professionally for over 12 years and worked in Chicago for a decade; I also traveled a great deal, seeing other perspectives in design and envisioning how I can incorporate and mix diverse aesthetics into various projects helped me come into my own as a designer.

Describe your signature style in a few words.

I don’t have a distinct style, rather I have a taste. I like a room to feel refined, balanced and well composed. At the same time, I’m very drawn to textures and materials, so a lot of the richness in my designs comes from layering textiles, materials, color and nature. Ultimately, I want the result to feel like home to the client, so I follow my instincts, allowing my taste and their desires to collectively define the style.

What are the elements you incorporate into your design?

All great concepts begin with the basic principles and elements of design. Tying them together is key to creating an equilibrium in a space and is an essential tool for designing spaces. I tend to levitate towards French country and English cottage styles. Texture is the element that makes a space pop. It’s what brings a perfectly fine design up to covetable levels. I love natural textures such as wood, stone, jute, sheepskin, embroidery, crochet and velvet. Like my eclectic style, my color palette follows suit; it evolves with time and trends. I love muted colors, jewel tones, classic blue and yellow, subtle greys with a punch of color, but earthy, organic green palettes are also part of my palette.

Even though the homes all flaunt individual designs, what is the common thread that is consistent throughout all Nest Design Studio creations?

The places we live in largely impact our feelings and behavior as well as our thoughts and mood. Interiors can be molded and designed in a way that promotes good mood and health. Additionally, people spend most of their time at home; it’s crucial to me to make their home environment a haven from the pandemonium of the world. I create  spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but comfortable and functional.

What is the most important thing you consider when working with the client on a design?

The most important thing is to decide if we are a good fit for each other, and if we have the same vision for the project. Designing someone’s home is a very personal relationship. You can determine that from the first consultation and recognize their expectations. Likewise, there must be mutual respect and a lot of communication. I find it imperative to advise the client on the whole process depending on the scope of their project, so they know what to expect.

What do you think makes the Suncadia community special?

The sense of community, belonging and connections—it’s a haven from big city life and the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. It’s a community of a diverse mix of people from all walks of life coexisting in good will. Everyone is much more relaxed and laid back; just like everyone is on vacation. It’s a beautiful thing.

Tell us a little bit about the homes you have worked on so far in Suncadia.

My design work in Suncadia ranges from penthouses, rental properties, cabins at Tumble Creek, staging homes for sale and designing the furniture selection for the lodge. I also collaborate with builders and their clients with design consulting, sourcing and space planning. I try to make each home distinct from the other by using color in conjunction with details; it’s all in the details. It’s so easy for the properties to start looking the same, and every homeowner wants to be different from their neighbors; it’s my job to make that dream come to fruition.

If you could design your own home in Suncadia, what are the three things you would incorporate into the design?

If I had a home in Suncadia, I would design it according to Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic philosophy on architecture, namely “A building should appear to grow easily from its site and be shaped to harmonize with its surroundings if nature is manifest there.” The three things I would incorporate would be a walled glass living space to expose the natural beauty of Suncadia, a balcony and a water oasis, creating a reflection of the landscape in my home.

Interested in a Suncadia home or learning more about Nest Design Studios? Contact a member of the Suncadia sales team at 509-649-6000 to #findyourspotinthesun.